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Our Services

Brand & Product PR

In order to successfully sell a product or service, it is important to identify your target audience. We specialize in developing customized strategies to position your products and services in appropriate channels for your target group. This involves identifying your brand’s core values and effectively communicating them to your audience. By doing so, we can create differentiation from your competitors and ensure maximum effectiveness. It is important to note that effective communication should also lead to economic success. Therefore, we focus on creating the right brand and product PR that is both measurable and effective.

Crisis Communications & Litigation PR

“Time is money and reputation.” Many corporate crises, regardless of their cause, can be mitigated by having a uniform communication strategy in place ahead of time. Acting quickly and professionally is crucial in these situations. Therefore, it is advisable to have an experienced partner to rely on during a crisis and a crisis communication plan readily available. With years of experience, we have successfully advised large corporations and individual companies in crises. Our specialities include Crisis PR and Litigation PR.

Corporate Communications

“Image is everything” – but is it really? We strongly believe that a good communication strategy is a key factor in the economic success of any business. For this reason, we work closely with our clients to align our PR concepts with their marketing objectives, ensuring successful integrated communication. Together, we define the goals and target audience for corporate communications during a strategy workshop. This enables us to speak with one voice and in a unified direction from the very beginning.

Social Media Management

The digital age has brought many opportunities to businesses, but also some challenges. Simply having a website is no longer sufficient to reach customers. A well-planned social media strategy has become a “must-have” to engage with the target audience on a personal level. We can assist you in determining which online channels are the most appropriate for your business and help you define the right content strategies, from implementation to evaluation. This way, we can help our clients gain a competitive edge in the long term and find their place in the digital age. Our social media consulting services are not limited to influencer collaborations or Instagram accounts, we also help our clients identify which social media channels are most suitable for their business.

Event Management

We specialize in organizing and executing a wide range of events, from professional press conferences and business lunches to exclusive events for end customers and influencers. Our services include everything from managing invitations and selecting the perfect location to follow-up activities that include comprehensive press documentation. If you are looking to publicize a product launch or establish your company’s expertise in a specific field, we can help you achieve your goals. No matter the challenge, we are here to assist you every step of the way.

Media Coaching

At Fullstop PR Berlin, we specialize in communication with the media in Germany, Austria, and Switzerland. We have vast experience in this field and deal with such communication on a daily basis as it is our main business. Our team of media experts, comprising of TV, radio, and journalism professionals, is always ready to offer their expertise. We understand that for many managers, press spokespersons, executives, and young professionals, dealing with the media can be a daunting and unfamiliar experience. That’s why we offer Fullstop PR media training, which ensures that communicating with the local and trade press, TV and radio reporters, and bloggers is a pleasant rather than a stressful experience. We tailor our media training course to your specific needs, objectives, and wishes. Our training is intensive and individual, and includes simulating press conferences, telephone or background discussions, and ad hoc statements, such as in the event of a crisis or at a trade fair. Our goal is to give you confidence in communicating with the media and the public. Whether you are a large corporation, medium-sized company, or a start-up, we guarantee media training that meets your requirements.